New Glock G36 45 ACP

New Glock G36 45 ACP at Pickers Paradis

This Firearm features all the high-quality standards Glocks are known for. Don’t miss your chance to own this one.

This product photo may not represent the complete detail of the item being purchased. Please verify the product based on the model #, UPC #, description and specifications before ordering.
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Prior to every firearm leaving our store, the customer is required to present a valid Oregon Drivers License with their current physical address and complete a background check. Background checks take about 10 minutes and require the customer to complete a short form, provide thumbprints, and for one of our employees to enter all info into the OSP Website. There are only three results from this background process and the decision is made by the Oregon State Police (OSP):

  • Proceed – firearm is released to individual
  • Delayed – State Police require more time to make a decision and firearm can’t be released at this time
  • Denied – firearm is not released to individual

If you are delayed or denied and have questions as to why, you are welcome to call the State Police Firearms Instant Check System (FICS) line for answers – 503-378-3070.

Please remember that Pickers Paradise is not involved in making the decision to release a firearm.  We are only responsible for gathering the required information for the State Police and then following their instruction.